About the EyeWatch LIVE™ Fall Prevention System

Our unique AI/HI combination gives you features its impossible to get from other monitoring systems.

About the EyeWatch LIVE™ Fall Prevention System

Our unique AI/HI combination gives you features its impossible to get from other monitoring systems.

The Founding of EyeWatch LIVE™

Robert Herron, one of the Founders of EyeWatch LIVE™, was driven by his own personal experience with his mother in a memory care community in Minnesota. Robert lived over 500 miles from his mother. His mother repeatedly suffered from overnight falls that subsequently led to hospital visits. Robert along with his siblings and Aunt Bonnie anguished over how to protect her and prevent falls. They decided to set up a camera in their mother’s room and watch the camera in 2 hour shifts from 8pm-8am. This was helpful but they needed more hands on care. In the end as the last resort Robert ended up hiring a night nurse at $38 hour.

Robert had to watch his mom go through all the phases of community elder care and felt there had to be a way to help all elderly people in their particular phase of life.

Robert began researching and learned that several states and many more to come have passed laws requiring nursing institutions to allow cameras in resident rooms, the idea came to him to create a solution that includes AI & HI that solves many problems and offers benefits to residents, families, and the communities.

So the idea of a live camera monitoring augmented with artificial intelligence was the solution and EyeWatch LIVE™ was born. This product can be used in all phases of elder care to give caretakers peace of mind each night whether it is to prevent night time falls or just knowing someone is watching over your loved one to keep them safe.

Robert is continuing his mom, Marilyn’s legacy by going the extra mile to help others. Marilyn raised six children and was always involved in helping others.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato

Live Monitoring.

EyeWatch LIVE™ offers the only Live Virtual Nurse monitoring system in assisted living that can detect unwanted activity, notify the on-duty staff, and help prevent falls.

Proven Technology.

EyeWatch LIVE™ is built on the backbone of virtual security monitoring and installation by the EyeWatch LIVE™ team. For decades, we’ve been putting cameras in hundreds of thousands of locations nationwide providing 24/7/365 virtual monitoring.


Technology and Compliance Features

Private network means no interference to local Wi-Fi
Totally independent web-based monitoring system
Triple-redundant back-up of the system
HIPAA compliant cloud service
24/7/365 camera monitoring technology with privacy mode
NDAA-compliant cameras
HITRUST Best Practices (a HIPAA requirement)


Only solution in the category that offers both AI & HI in real time
We prevent vs detect, avoiding the fall from ever happening
More cost effective than what is available today
Help attract & retain staff because less falls means less physical lifting of the residents and reduced staff injuries

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

A. EyeWatch LIVE™ provides 24/7 monitoring, the live monitoring occurs overnight during 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Research shows that 60% of all falls in memory care occur during the night within 3 feet of the resident’s bed. During the day, a resident is usually engaged in another part of community with eyes on them.


With EyeWatch LIVE™, your community can improve safety, enhance quality of life, and reduce liability.