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EWL Room - Intervene

Leveraging the Power of AI with the Human Touch

Help your residents sleep safer, their families sleep better and your staff to operate more efficiently and cost effectively while covering the higher risk night shift. The virtual licensed nurse supervised monitoring agents offers reassurance and encourages the resident to stay in bed while the on-site caregiver proceeds to the resident’s room.

Decrease Falls and Generate Revenue by Combining AI+HI

Discover the power of a game-changing solution that combines AI and human intervention to prevent falls in care facilities. This innovative approach has proven to reduce falls, cut hospital visits, and save costs, offering peace of mind for families and generating revenue for providers.


A Proven Solution for Preventing Elopements in Senior Living Communities

Prevent elopement and safeguard your residents with an innovative system that uses AI and human intelligence to mitigate risks, reduce elopement incidents, and protect against potential dangers like unauthorized medication access. A recent success story highlights how we swiftly located a missing resident, preventing a potential crisis.