A New Horizon in Memory Care: How EyeWatch LIVE™ Ensures Peace of Mind

In the heart of every memory care community is a commitment to providing compassionate, specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. These conditions present unique challenges, not just for the residents, but also for their families and the dedicated caregivers who support them. EyeWatch LIVE™ is a groundbreaking technology designed to…

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The Psychological Benefits of Safe and Secure Living Environments

Safety and security in senior living communities contribute significantly to residents’ psychological well-being. These measures not only protect against physical harm but also foster an environment where seniors can thrive emotionally and socially. A secure setting alleviates fears related to personal safety, allowing residents to engage more freely in community activities and social interactions. This…

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From Crisis to Confidence: Addressing Staffing Shortages & Protecting Your Residents

The senior living industry faces a significant challenge: staffing shortages. Finding and retaining qualified caregivers is becoming increasingly difficult, leaving communities scrambling to provide the level of care residents deserve, especially at night. This challenge, however, creates an opportunity for innovative solutions. The Scope of the Challenge Across the US, nearly seven in ten nursing…

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The AI Technology That Prevents Wandering and Elopement by Senior Living Residents With Dementia and Memory Loss

A woman caregiver setting up a senior male with AI Technology that prevents wandering.

In senior living communities, incidents of wandering and elopement by residents living with dementia or memory loss are a growing concern. EyeWatch LIVE™ addresses the issue by introducing a sophisticated blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and specialized human oversight. This innovative approach actively monitors for and detects early signs of potential resident wandering and elopement,…

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How Human Intelligence Can Improve Caregiving Outcomes When Combined With AI

Adult man gazing at computer for human intelligence caregiving outcomes.

In the evolving world of senior living and home care, the integration of human intelligence (HI) with advanced AI-enabled camera technology is heralding a new era in caregiving. This combination promises to significantly improve care outcomes for the elderly by blending the irreplaceable elements of human empathy and understanding with the precision and consistency of…

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