Improving Senior Safety Begins With Fall Prevention

Improving Senior Safety Begins With Fall PreventionFor the caregivers and loved ones of an older adult, learning that they have fallen is not welcome news.

Falls among older adults are a significant hazard that can lead to severe injuries, loss of independence, and even fatalities. With the aging population growing, the need for effective fall prevention strategies is more critical than ever.

Fall prevention technology offers a pioneering approach that’s revolutionizing the way we think about improving senior safety, and EyeWatch LIVE™ is at the forefront of this revolution in care. By combining the most up-to-date artificial intelligence (AI) with nursing-specialized human intelligence (HI), EyeWatch LIVE™ is making strides in reducing falls, elopements, and intrusions, thereby improving senior safety.

Along with discussing some “analog” tips for minimizing fall risk, this article will introduce how EyeWatch LIVE™’s fall prevention technology works, its benefits, and why it’s fast becoming an essential part of modern senior care.

Understanding the risks of falls

Statistically, one in four older adults will experience a fall each year, making falls the leading cause of injury and death from injury among seniors, according to the CDC. The consequences can be devastating, leading to fractures, head injuries, and a loss of confidence resulting in reduced mobility, independence, and quality of life.

Individuals with cognitive impairments like dementia are at an even higher risk of falling. The challenge of monitoring and assisting these individuals – whether they live at home or in a senior care community – adds complexity to the task of improving senior safety by preventing falls.

“Analog” fall prevention strategies

Preventing falls is not just about avoiding accidents; it’s about enhancing the quality of life for seniors. Here’s how:

Home safety measures

Making a home safer for seniors is often a matter of simple adjustments:

  • Add grab bars in bathrooms and near stairs can provide support.
  • Improve lighting, especially in hallways and staircases, reduces the risk of tripping.
  • Remove trip hazards like rugs, cords, and clutter. Keep pathways clear.

Medical assessments and interventions

Regular medical check-ups can identify and mitigate risk factors:

  • Regular eye exams ensure that eyeglasses are up-to-date and vision is as clear as possible.
  • Physicians and therapists can assess and evaluate balance and recommend exercises or assistive devices.
  • Some medications can cause dizziness. Regular reviews with a healthcare provider can make sure you or your loved one are not at risk from these side effects.

Caregivers and family support

Support from caregivers and loved ones makes a difference:

  • Education to understand fall risks and prevention strategies empowers caregivers to assist effectively.
  • Open communication and dialogue about fears and concerns can lead to tailored solutions.
  • Regular monitoring and check-ins can catch potential problems before they lead to falls.

Practical tips and advice

Turning knowledge into action is key to improving senior safety:

Exercise to improve balance and strength

Physical fitness is essential. Consider making one or more of the following a part of your or your loved one’s routine:

  • Tai Chi: This gentle exercise improves balance and coordination.
  • Strength Training: Simple weight-bearing exercises can enhance muscle strength.
  • Physical Therapy: A therapist can help design a personalized exercise plan.

Choosing the right footwear and assistive devices

Proper support is vital:

  • Footwear with a good grip can prevent slips.
  • Canes or walkers should be the right height and in good condition.
  • Occupational therapists can recommend specific devices tailored to individual needs.

The role of technology in fall prevention

Fall prevention technology combines sensors, cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), and human oversight to monitor seniors’ movements. It can detect unusual patterns or sudden changes that might indicate a fall or other risks, allowing for caregivers to immediately intervene in real time.

This technology doesn’t replace human caregivers but enhances their ability to provide care. By alerting on-site staff or family members to potential problems, it allows them to respond more quickly, potentially preventing a fall or minimizing its impact.

Benefits of fall prevention technology

By reducing the risk of falls, this technology helps seniors maintain their independence and quality of life. Knowing that they are being monitored provides seniors with reassurance, allowing them to continue enjoying their daily activities with confidence. It also reassures their families that they are receiving the best possible care—and reassures senior living community owners and operators that they are taking all possible steps to limit their risk and liability while caring for their residents.

Caregivers can’t be everywhere at once but fall prevention technology acts as an extra set of eyes. It helps caregivers prioritize their attention, respond to emergencies more quickly, and provide more personalized care.

Falls are expensive for senior living communities, both in terms of medical costs to families and the potential legal and insurance liabilities. By reducing the number of falls, this technology can lead to significant financial savings.

Fall prevention technology can be tailored to individual needs and specific care environments, whether it’s an assisted living community, a nursing home, or a private residence. This flexibility makes it a valuable tool for improving senior safety across various settings.

Real-life applications

EyeWatch LIVE™’s AI-enabled cameras work in tandem with nursing-trained Monitoring Agents to provide real-time intervention, a key step in improving senior safety.

The system recognizes risks and immediately intervenes through two-way communication, notifying caregivers to provide assistance. This technology is not just about monitoring; it’s about actively improving senior safety.

EyeWatch LIVE™ can be customized to work with existing safety protocols in assisted living and nursing home environments, offering a comprehensive approach to improving senior safety.

Benefits of using fall prevention technology

Seniors and their families enjoy peace of mind, knowing that loved ones are at lower risk of falls. EyeWatch LIVE™’s technology offers a fraction of the cost of hiring a private duty caregiver, contributing to financial savings and improving senior safety.

EyeWatch LIVE™ assists overnight caregivers as an extra set of eyes, improving response time and potentially saving lives. This helps in improving senior safety by virtually eliminating “false positives” and excess notifications compared to other systems.

EyeWatch LIVE™ has helped improve residents’ quality of life, increase length of stay, and reduce turnover. Their interdisciplinary reviews provide root-cause-analysis of incidents and specific feedback to decrease risks, further improving senior safety.

EyeWatch LIVE™ offers a true “partner” relationship with senior living owners and operators, customizing installation, services, and reports. Their approach to improving senior safety is tailored to each community’s unique needs.

EyeWatch LIVE™ provides unprecedented data and analytics on nighttime resident habits and concerns. Their live communication to frontline caregivers hastens response, making a tangible difference in improving senior safety.

The future of improving senior safety

Fall prevention technology represents a significant advancement in senior care, offering a proactive approach to one of the most pressing challenges facing older adults. By integrating technology with human care, it provides a comprehensive solution that enhances safety, independence, and quality of life.

The future of improving senior safety lies in embracing these technological innovations while maintaining a focus on compassion, dignity, and individual needs. As we continue to explore and develop new ways to utilize technology in senior care, the potential for enhancing the lives of older adults is limitless.

EyeWatch LIVE™ is dedicated to keeping frail seniors safer by reducing falls, elopements, and intrusions. Our approach to improving senior safety is both innovative and compassionate, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenges faced by seniors and their caregivers.

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