This Technology Is Preventing Seniors from Falling Out of Bed

This technology is preventing seniors from falling out of bedWhen seniors fall, it can cause one or more serious injuries including hip fractures and traumatic brain injuries that can lead to a reduced quality of life, immobility, and even death. Unfortunately, falls in older adults, particularly those that occur at nighttime, are all too common, even though they are largely preventable. There are several precautions that family members and senior living communities can take that can help protect elderly people in their care. 

In addition to taking steps such as removing clutter and trip hazards, one of the best ways to prevent seniors from falling out of bed is by monitoring individuals who are at increased risk of falling. Although nurses are often responsible for monitoring fall-risk individuals, it’s impractical and cost-prohibitive to have staff physically present to keep an eye on elderly patients every second of the day and night. Plus, nurse shortages are growing at an alarming rate. 

Thankfully, advancements in technology have made significant strides at providing the help that seniors need to keep them safe from falling out of bed, and without the need for full-time private-duty nurses. There are several monitoring devices available on the market, but none compare to EyeWatch LIVE™, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) to deliver a system that’s proven to prevent seniors from falling out of bed. 

EyeWatch LIVE™ uses a camera that is installed in the senior living resident’s room and focuses on the bed and surrounding area. Research indicates that over 60% of falls that occur in senior living communities happen within three feet of residents’ beds. 

EyeWatch LIVE™ employs licensed nurses who monitor the activity of seniors and will notify a physically present nurse immediately by mobile phone if any risky or unwanted activity is noticed. This on-call nurse can then attend to the resident and provide assistance and care as needed. Preventing the fall is the goal.  However, if a fall does occur, the detection can help with training that can prevent future mishaps. 

This system offers many features that other fall monitoring programs or devices do not. Although other cameras use AI technology, they do not combine it with real time HI. Adding the human element builds another level of protection and is a more personal solution. EyeWatch LIVE™ also includes the option of a Family Time App that can be installed on any mobile device for in-home use or to allow family members to monitor their loved ones who may be vulnerable to falls. Other features include NDAA-compliant cameras, a HIPAA-compliant cloud service, a private network (no interference with local Wi-Fi), 24/7 monitoring, and false alarm prevention. 

In addition to preventing seniors from falling out of bed, EyeWatch LIVE™ provides several other benefits for senior living operators: 

  • Decreases the burden on nursing staff during the night 
  • Reduction in costs associated with hiring adequate staff to monitor residents–A full-time private nurse costs $40.00 per hour; EyeWatch LIVE™ costs only a fraction of that  
  • Increased revenue by attracting prospective residents who want this service 
  • Reduction of liability on insurance claims 
  • Ability to use the system as a resource for quality assurance and training regarding fall prevention 
  • Inclusion of family members in the solution  

EyeWatch LIVE™ is a robust fall prevention system that provides a safer place for seniors to live, peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones, relief for understaffed and overworked nurses, and a reduction in costs and liability for senior living communities. It’s truly a solution that benefits all involved who are concerned about preventing seniors from falling. If you’re interested in learning more about our system, reach out to schedule a demo. 

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